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Alexis's Success Story
Posted 6/19/18

Alexis s Success Story

Alexis loved the graduation ceremony.  She passed Hi Set.

Alexis and her twin brother were adopted at birth into a caring family where she has 2 other brothers and 2 sisters.  They were home-schooled from 5th to 12th grade.

Alexis has already started classes at Cabrillo where she is a dance major.  However, she also attended the Bay Area Medical Academy in San Jose for a Phlebotomy Certificate.  She passed all classes and requirements there and needed only the high school equivalency to be officially ready for employment in the medical field.  Now, she has it all.

Finishing her high school education has changed her views, she says.  Studying science renewed her interest in Geology.  She especially enjoyed learning about volcanoes, the rock cycle, water cycle, and all of Earth Science.  She says she reads more now than before.

Alexis is a newlywed with big dreams and a bright future.  She hopes to work at a hospital until she and her husband start a family.  In the more distant future, she would like to open a Dance Studio, and maybe consider a teaching career.

Alexis, who is 27 years old, says she was happily surprised to discover that "No matter how old I get, I can still learn new things."  She was referring to Math and Science.  Her advice to other students is: "Believe you can do it, because you can.  When you are discouraged, take a step back and try again."

She added that if there had been no Adult School evening classes, she wouldn't have been able to reach this goal.  She is grateful to her teachers and all who make these opportunities available.