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Fully Accredited by WASC Accrediting Commission for Schools

WASCAE Staff Directory

Nancy Bilicich (831) 786-2160 Director of Adult Education
Todd Livingstone (831) 786-2160 Assistant Director Adult Education
Stella Casillas (831) 786-2160 Administrative Assistant IV
MariaDora Fuentes (831) 786-2160 Registrar/GED Lead Examiner
Joe Martinez (831) 786-2160 Ld Cust II
Deborah Pro (831) 786-2160 Registration Specialist
Stacy Silvey-Diaz (831) 786-2160 Administrative Assistant I
Ovidio Solorio (831) 786-2160 Technology Technician
Emigdio Vazquez (831) 786-2160 Campus Security Coordinator


Green Valley Center
294 Green Valley Road
Watsonville, CA  95076
Monday – Thursday


Phone: (831) 786-2160
Fax: (831) 722-2749

Green Valley Center

Santa Cruz Center
319 La Fonda Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
8:00a.m- 8:00p.m

Phone: (831) 429-3966
Fax: (831) 786-9420

Santa Cruz Center

Institute of Language and Culture
320 Rodriguez Street
Watsonville, CA 95076
Monday – Thursday 
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Phone: (831) 786-8225
Fax: (831) 786-9420

Institute of Language and Culture

WASCAE Instructors Directory

Nanci Adams Instructor
Barbara Allen Instructor
John Basor Instructor
Barbara Burke Instructor
Tamara Catto Instructor
Cory Cherk Instructor
Vicente Diaz Instructor
Kim Dowling Instructor
Christian Fine Instructor
Guadalupe Guzman Instructor
Ronald Jones Instructor
Cindy Kaskey Instructor and Department Chair
Kevin Kraft Instructor
John Laurent Instructor
Teresita Marchisello Instructor
Rosa Martinez Instructor
Sarah Mast Instructor
Connie McNair Instructor
Colleen Murphy Instructor
Marta Novoa Instructor
Juan Pozo Instructor
Jane Reyes Instructor
Berta Richardson Instructor
Shawnee Rogers Instructor
Ruben Sambrano Instructor
Nancy Samsel Instructor
Carol Sendell Instructor
Pamela Sexton Teacher
Tiffen Shirey Instructor
Ovidio Solorio Instructor
William Sunderland Instructor
Greg Swim Instructor
Darcy Valby Instructor
Connie Williams (831) 786-2160 CNA Program Director
Chris Zimmerman Instructor

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