Driver’s Education Certificate

Get your California DMV approved Driver’s Education certificate through a 30 hour online class at your own pace. Upon receiving the driver’s education completion certificate, the student goes to the DMV to obtain the Provisional California Learner’s Permit then registers for behind-the-wheel training. Students, who register for both the online Driver’s education and the Driver’s Training with WAAE, will get a $10 discount on Driver’s Training.         $50

DriverEducation ISpanish   Registration

Let us help you acquire your California Driver’s License. This course is to help prepare undocumented immigrants for the DMV written test. The class will be taught in Spanish.

ILC, Institute of Language and Culture, Room 4, 320 Rodriguez St., Watsonville
   Thu 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Staff
     Session 1Aug 18 - Oct 20  $50
     Session 2: Oct 27 - Dec 22


Driver’s Training Ongoing - start anytime!

Behind-the-wheel training and observation of other students is required. Dates and times arranged by appointment with the instructor. Students under 17½  years of age must complete Driver’s Education (offered online or through the high school) and bring Provisional California Learner’s Permit from the DMV to sign up for behind-the-wheel Driver’s Training at the Green Valley Center office. Days and times pre-arranged by instructors    Sunderland/Jones/Bivins    $325


Taught in the classroom, this course may enable you to apply for a discount on your auto insurance. Students need not be a member of AARP, but must be at least 50 years old. Students must pre-register by calling Kristine Klein (831) 724-1873. Students must arrive to class on time and attend both days.  Payment must be made in class by cash, check or money order (made out to AARP). Members must bring AARP membership card to the first class meeting. $15 (members) $20 (non-members). 

Green Valley Center, Room 1, 294 Green Valley Road, Watsonville     
   Mon & Tues 12:30pm - 4:30pm   Klein
   call 831 786-2160

First Aid Standard/CPR (Adults only)

This comprehensive course trains individuals to prevent, prepare for and respond to any type of workplace or home emergency. Participants will learn and practice adult CPR and rst aid skills. Students should wear comfortable clothing. The certi cate is valid for two years. (materials included)

Green Valley Center, Room 6, 294 Green Valley Road, Watsonville
Fri   8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Tapiz $80
Session 1: Feb 3

Session 2: Mar 3
Session 3: Apr 28
Session 4: May 12

The Watsonville Community Band
Needs You!


Cost: FREE
Current PVUSD high school students: FREE!
Adult students: FREE!
Band questions: Barbara Smith

See Flyer attached for more information


Watsonville Band  


Birding Basics    Registration

This fun, fascinating class is an introduction to many of the amazing birds in our own area. Employing photos, bird sound recording, and a combination of classroom and eld ses- sions, you will learn the basics of birding in a supportive, stress-free environment. You will begin building your basic eld skills, learning how to use your eld guide, apps, and optics, and employing useful identi cation techniques. Weather permitting, much of the class will involve practical eld practice. Please arrive for the rst class with binoculars and a eld guide, if you have them. New students are encouraged to purchase bird cards at a cost of $5.00. This is an excellent opportunity to develop nature photography skills with eventual goal of sales. Students can also train to be docents for the wetlands center.

Pajaro Valley High Wetlands Center, 500 Harkins Slough Road, Watsonville
    Thu 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Adams
    Session 1: Jan 19 - Mar 23 $70
    Session 2: Mar 30 - May 25 $70

Brown Bag Birding   Registration

Stressed after a day at work? Want to learn more about local birds but can’t attend a morning class? Join us in the evening to enjoy your own brown bag light meal and bird local hot spots. Bring your brown bag, if desired, as well as binoculars and a eld guide or app, if you have them. This is a class with just eld trips and will involve mostly easy walking. It is designed primarily for beginners and those who’ve taken Birding Basics, but all are welcome. Students who can’t attend the rst class of each session must contact the intructor directly to learn where the next meeting place is. Please get contact information from the of ce.

First class meets at Ramsay Park Nature Center on Walker St.
   Thu 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Adams
   Session 1: Mar 30 - May 25 $70


Piano - Keyboard, Beginning  Registration

Always wanted to learn to play the piano? Then this beginning piano keyboard class is for you! Learn the fundamentals of reading notes, chords, key signatures and playing your favorite songs from Beethoven to the Beatles. You will have your own Yamaha 5 octave keyboard along with a headset to practice with inside the classroom. Challenge the creative half of your will have so much fun!
EA Hall School, Room 19, 201 Brewington Ae., Watsonville
      Tues    6:00pm - 8:00pm     McCarty
      Session 1: Jan 17 - Mar 21     $95  
      Session 2: Mar 28 - Jun 6     $95

Relax with Yoga   Registration

Integral Yoga is a gentle, meditative way to stretch, strengthen and relax. Practice basic Hatha Yoga postures, followed by deep relaxation and slow, deep breathing. Bring a towel or a mat to class.
Green Valley Center, Room 2, 294 Green Valley Road, Watsonville
      Mon    4:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.     Vignola
      Session 1: Jan 23 - Mar 27      $75  
      Session 2: Apr 10 - Jun 5      $75

Sewing- Beginning Registration

This class if for students new to sewing. Get to know your sewing machine and it’s functions, learn clothing construction, sewing for the home and create unique gifts. Class will also cover pattern layout, fabric choices and different construction techniques. Please bring your sewing machine and tools to class. Limited loaner machines are available for an extra fee.

Santa Cruz Center, 350 Taylor Street, Santa Cruz

Wed 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Homan
Session 1: Jan 18 - Mar 22 $105

Sewing Workshop Registration

An open lab style class for students who have completed Beginning Sewing or equivalent experience. Work on your projects in a supportive environment with a teacher available for assistance. Bring your sewing machine and tools to class.

Santa Cruz Center, 350 Taylor Street, Santa Cruz

Wed 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Homan
Session 1: Mar 29 - Jun 7 $105